Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My ‘32’ low-boy had a pair of Carrera SR2254P. Carrera is owned and operated under the following company, QA1. It is a line of shocks that they provide to the race and street rod industry. They were vertically installed in the rear. One of the welds snapped due to fatigue. A ½” weld on a big coil over shock! I nearly ended up on the ground on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena when this happened. Pot metal is what we used to call it. Japan got all our good steel and we get all the Chinese crap. This shock failed. Speedway, sells them. They are dangerous. Clearly, quality control is not in place. This fact is even more compromised by non-structural welds with no certification standards. Buyers beware!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fusemail Nightmare....!

In this last month of February 2012, I have had my final horrible experience with Fusemail that started two years ago. Consistently they had problems with ATT Business mail. Normally, it would take 1.5 weeks to fix; however, this last time they failed with a fix for over three weeks. This failure has ended my four year relationship with this Canadian company. Ray Cossette, the head of tech support, is one of the main foot draggers in the company. This Canadian has kept his position of ‘putting off till tomorrow what he could not do today’. I found that Cossette was unable to get out of his denial and admit, like other techs were willing to do, that Fusemail has a hard time keeping in sync with certain carriers. I kept my email log to the support team to publish so that the world can see how businesses, like Fusemail, can shoot themselves in the foot while leaving a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Head scratching....

As 10 year old kid, I grew to hate witnessing my stepfather’s abusive behavior toward my mother and brother. I experienced feelings of confusion, helplessness, hopelessness, shame, humiliation and rage as a child particularly during my time of personal crisis in the aftermath of my father abandoning our family. As years have passed I have examined gender oppression, which include my own adult experience which has regenerated these same feelings, while at the same time, attempting to reconcile why the abused stay in life threatening situations....

Friday, June 17, 2011

The "Baby Ruth" in the bay.....

Yesterday, I am happy to report that U2's front man, the Edge, got edged out of building 5 homes above Sierra Retreat in Malibu by Building Safety. "NO" was the answer. The environmental impact would have been noteworthy. Again, the septic system issues still prevail up in those hills and down at the beach. It is nice to see that money does not speak for the public's view and scientific sense, at least for this controversy. Also, the "global" concerns that U2 profess, may need to be restated so that they remain believable. We need to take care of our own backyards while we are saving the world. See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/01/the-edge-vs-malibu-reside_n_194739.html

Monday, May 9, 2011

I got big gas....

Maybe we should send our latest group of Navy Seals into Exxon to share with them why the $13 billion dollar PROFIT is not ok with the public….I hope we are doing more than not smiling while pumping those profits.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why did Obama Win...?

Calling on OBAMA, Calling on OBAMA, Calling on OBAMA! Finally our culture is ready for the first Black American President and we are all hoping that he is successful, as we all want to believe again! This man, Barak Obama, was born to run, born to win, and born to be the biggest sensation to hit the White House in modern time. He with his election committee is like the Beatles. Obama is the rock star likened to John Lennon. We are listening.

Obama was born with a talent to listen, to show empathy, and to be attentive while making people feel a part of something bigger. Even on the playground as a youngster, he played with the group for the common welfare in that sandbox. At Harvard Law School, Obama was appointed the president of the law review after winning an overachievement award. Conservatives as well as liberals voted for him. During this time in the 80’s and political correctness, this honor was the first bestowed to an African-American in the school’s history. Obama has a gift of making even the smartest and most talented feel righteous by supporting the Obama wave of change. It’s no wonder that 95% of the Black Americans, 43% of the Hispanic minority, 35% of young people and 37% of Women, who registered, cast their vote for this star. Apathy took a pause, replaced by an enthusiastic yes we can and yes we did vote for change.

He was already a senator when the elections came around. His message of hope and change, we can do it, yes imagine like Lennon became the image. Obama is young, vibrant, with a “can do” attitude; he commands an exciting interest to a dulled, Bushwhacked society. The blah, blah, blah political rhetoric we had become accustomed to become a Clint Eastwood coming through the saloon doors, confronting the bad guys, declaring that the party is over. Clink, Clink, Clink. There is no trepidation in this man’s stance or his walk. Obama has a prudent reserve of energy and takes his commitment to a new level of integrity. His dedication to his wife and family is certain. The adoring eye gazing with his wife conveys that this is a man with no fear of intimacy, which is attractive to common and sophisticated men and women. He becomes trustworthy and believable. The internet was tested with this campaign, as it was the coming of age for this tool for reaching a broader spectrum of people and Obama and his band knew how to use it.

Scene 2, McCain was saddled with George W. Bush’s Alfred E. Newman image of can’t count on Bush to do the right thing except to take us from being the number I superpower to number II, relinquishing the position to China. “In 2007 China contributed more to global growth than the United States, the first time another country had done so since at least the 1930s. It also became the world's largest consumer, eclipsing the United States in four of the five basic food, energy and industrial commodities.” The republicans had double trouble with more of the same spend, give me, not mine, no, no, no, and empty promises to contend with. Throw in a Sarah Palin running mate with her extreme hard right positions, complicated by her lack of knowledge on foreign affairs ended up contributing to the undercutting of McCain’s campaign theme. A wrecked economy, a saving and loans failings, a never ending war started with another motivated lie like the Maddox incident during the escalation of the Viet Nam War, and an astronomical deficit played into the republican demise.

Scene 3, Barak Obama now tells the good patrons in the saloon to sit back and grab the grip rails for its going to be a bumpy ride getting out of the mess left by elephants. Although, his hair has turned salt and pepper in a short time, his tireless work ethic now, as in during the campaign, has surely turned the country’s sail back into the wind. He imagined, we believed, he helped us visualize a new government so it will be. The remaining 8 years, yes he will have no competition, will be history.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Public Works....

Assembly Bill 590 is on its way to Governor Schwarzenegger. I do not support the signing of this bill. No more freebies, unless we cut the testicles off the male offenders. Squeamish? We can work out "what type of offenses" get the scissors. Offended? Read on. We cannot afford anymore rehabilitation and punishment! Our greedy society has created monsters; many in suits and ties. Pyromaniacs, rapists, domestic violence bullies, taggers, all aggressive behavior by these boys cannot be fixed by creating more need for more attorneys, jails and officers. Here's the science, if you cut off those testicles, the testosterone stops being manufactured, then the behaviors against the public stops....yep, stops. The need for more incarceration and attorneys ends. Also, you don't manufacture and cultivate yet another generation of violent aggressive offspring’s. I hope that we can somehow stop being so politically correct regarding this "quick fix" and address the issue of "cause" and stop trying to spend, spend, and spend on the "effects". Just like horses, cattle, and the like.....cut them off! Save the next generation and our overpopulated planet. It is a “green” position, splashed with a little red. I am working in the laboratory, right now, for a fix for violent women, but this is a start.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How Important is it....?

“Take a good look at this cluster of stars. It isn’t a picture of the universe; it’s just one cluster of stars. Blow the picture up by clicking on the 2400 X 2025 view, and scroll to the edges. Take a good look at the faintest stars. Each one, more or less, the size of our solar system. Now, imagine how important it is where we spend eternity.”

Friday, May 1, 2009

And, finally...

New Rule: You can't win any converts to your side when nobody knows what you're talking about. The conservative base these days is absolutely apoplectic because...well, nobody knows. But, the big issues for normal people are the economy, the war, the environment, mending fences with our allies and enemies, and the rule of law.

And here’s the list of Republican obsessions since Obama took office: his birth certificate is fake; he uses a teleprompter too much; he bowed to a Saudi guy; Europeans like him; he gives inappropriate gifts; and his wife shamefully flaunts her upper arms. Oh, and he shook hands with Hugo Chavez and even accepted a book from him! Rubbing conservative noses in the fact that our new president can read!

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAjFnJuk1Aw&feature=related

Friday, March 27, 2009

“What is behind us and what is ahead of us is nothing compared to what is within us”…Have you checked that out lately?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

AIG...my ass hurts!

I never thought I would say this, but it is now time for the government to be more pro-active with the money that the private sectors have so creatively mis-handled. Bush, like the unrecovered alcoholic, has "roared through the lives of others" and mine. I know, I know, but if we do not change the direction, this crash course, we are all destined to an economic failure. I cannot believe that WE would let AIG bonus (reward) the current players that brought the company down with the current administration’s bail out money. Such a Bush mentality!! Why do we think that the same people that helped create the problem should be kept and help rebuild the brokenness. As a California General Contractor that has been "Bushwhacked" since 2007/2008 by Merrill Lynch first and then again by Bank of America, I throw by hat in the AIG game. Hey, I will come to work for you and give you my blood, sweat and tears for one of your bonused bandits. That's right, fire one of those, who's contractual demand is outrages, and hire me. Oh, what did you say!? The attorney’s will have a heyday! The lawyering of America may also be a problem here, too. Let the attorneys stand in my contractual food line with some of the unemployed and see how far they slither away without broken legs. Void the contracts, tax the crap out of the bonuses and post their names and numbers. The public can discuss the issues with them personally. You will not be sorry; the country will be less one schooled, inept greedy, crook and you will help install one who is a creative "sane" and a willing businessman. Are we Mouseketeers or Musketeers!!??

Monday, March 9, 2009

Now what....!?

At church, Mr. Beckwith, talked about "Living in the Awareness" and "Bless the Mess". My, oh my! What a mess and the awareness is killing me!
"With more than 1 in 10 workers unemployed in January, the state registers its highest jobless rate since June 1983, not far below the record of 11%." LA TIMES; "The Commerce Department report released today showed the economy sinking much faster than the 3.8% annualized drop for the October-December quarter first estimated by the government last month. It also was considerably weaker than the 5.4% annualized decline economists expected." LA TIMES. "Mereulo Maddux Properties, one of Downtown’s largest landowners and developers, said Wednesday that it has stopped making interest and principal payments on 26 loans totaling $266 million and may consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy." DOWNTOWN NEWS

Now..., I know I can turn this stuff off, which I do, but how can I "live in the awareness" and not peek!? I guess the key is NOT to stare.

"Government is the only agency that can take a useful commodity like paper, slap some ink on it, and make it totally worthless." -- Ludwig Von Mises. What do you think...?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The future possibilities....

I went to Big Sur after Obama was nominated, where I participated in a “Way Forward” conference. You can view the place by going to http://www.esalen.org/. My great grandfather was the lighthouse keeper at Point Sur and my grandmother went to school in the “little red school house. The fires this year took its toll, but still heavenly.
The attendees were Patricia de Jong, Ken Dychtwald, Sam Keen, Anna Halprin, Amory Lovins, Chungliang Al Huang, Michael Murphy, Robert Reich, Paul Horn, Anisa Mehdi, to list a few. Interesting to Google this amazing cast of characters. All the leaders and participants in the center were there to collectively discuss the election, human potential and transformation of humankind. The topics were around how we all can work with individuals and institutions to integrate body, mind, heart, spirit and community in a nurturing relationship with the environment and mankind. Also, hours were spent on how the past and present “wars” have affected the men on this planet. It was General Eisenhower who said “watch out for the industrial war machine”. Interesting and inspiring stuff!!! Much to do with this second half of my life. I have recognized how much wisdom the “grays” have and how the term “retirement” will soon be put back into the dictionary of old, “not used anymore”, words like corset. Being one of the “Bushwhacked” is not a death sentence, but an inspiration to “do better” with my time and definitely pay more attention. Your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Show me the money....!

I don't know, with the age of uncertainty, what to do with all the feelings that come up during this repositioning of my world. How do I be creative and be of service in this tight economy? I heard a New Age money Barker at church last week doing his Fred Astaire of the English language. That was creative, though I left with a head ache from Mr. Bear. Spiritual entertainment? Will Obama be the warm and fuzzy fixer of our self made problems? Do I stay a conditioned robot?
The industry that chose me is at a stand still due to the economic woes. I showed up. Big lenders, investors, and special interest groups took "theirs" and left an empty piggy bank. Merrill Lynch shut down one of my projects due to their client’s, my client, lack of money in her savings. Her stocks sold at a depreciated value in 2007/2008. Yes, it was happening then folks! They all got bonuses and raises. She got bent over. Money gone. 93 years old and left living in squalor. Projects put on hold for a year now. Do I riot or party; panic or relax? Who has all that money out there? Did all those Ben Franklin's burn up in a volcanic eruption when I was asleep? Where did all the bucks go? Jeez…all those feelings! Mental masturbation or taking charge of the spoon fed lies. Burp....Your thoughts....?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Design/Build....what does that really mean?

You can never be completely certain what a Remodeling Contractor means when he/she describes their company as a "design/build" firm. Does the Remodeler or staff do the design work? Possibly. Do they build jobs using their own field crew? Perhaps.
To be sure, there are certain basic characteristics inherent to the term: In some capacity, the design/build Remodeler has a hand in every element of the remodeling process-from developing the initial design concept to signing off on the final punch list. The shape that this process ultimately takes can look strikingly different from one company to the next. Your thoughts....?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

John Ruskin Quote

Let me know your thoughts with this quote...
I was in the Bel-Air area today trying to sell a remodel concept to a homeowner. On the block there were 4 major remodels being started. I noticed that all the workers, maybe 50 in total, were all Hispanics and standing, talking and looking a bit lost with no apparent supervision...
Even with the current economic state of California, I find it hard to comprehend that a 37 year veteran constructor is not working; yet all those strangers appeared to be busy doing ...
Your thoughts...?